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Theatre of the Oppressed


Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a system of interactive and embodied strategies that seeks to break the cycle of oppression by illuminating power hierarchies and by empowering individuals for action. To find out more about TO and its founder Augusto Boal’s vision for a just world, please visit . In TO, people are invited to actively participate in the exploration of possible solutions to problems, and of alternative choices to oppressive situations. The collective wisdom of a group and the individual experiences of participants are honoured by the facilitator (Joker) who asks questions and poses problems rather than offers solutions.

In this training, you experience the three fundamentals of the methodology: Games for Actors and Non-actors, Image Theatre, and Forum Theatre, and you are introduced to theoretical underpinnings of TO, such as Pedagogy of the Oppressed. This training is designed to give you the tools to transform your work and your communities.

Learning bids – by the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate games and exercises
  • Guide the analysis and dynamize the Image Theatre progress
  • Learn the basic structure of Forum Theatre
  • Understand the fundamentals of being a Joker (Forum Theatre facilitator)
  • Joker Forum Theatre scenes

Please CONNECT to discuss format, length, and other details of this customized training.

Theatre of the Oppressed as a Methodology for Exploration

TO is a transformational methodology that is highly relevant for community-building processes, for needs assessment, for asset mapping, for identifying and exploring social and environmental issues and topics, for consensus seeking, and for galvanizing for social action.

CONNECT with me to discuss details of possible application and your learning needs.


Diversity and Anti-Oppression Training

Courage to Act: Bystander or Ally?

“Say something!”, “Do something!” statements call on us to step out of our comfort zone and stand up for what we believe, for our own rights or to advocate for others. In this practical and interactive workshop, you examine your experience with injustice and discrimination. We use Image Theatre, role-play scenes, and work with theatre-based techniques to practice the ways in which you see the possibility to act upon your belief, and which help you to become a courageous agent of change.

Theatre of the Oppressed methodology allows us to look at the oppressive situations under a scrutiny of multiple perspectives. We slow the situation down, analyse, shed light on the power hierarchy, and start envisioning possible solutions. This workshop works with the stories and experiences you share, making the content relevant to your lived experiences.


Our increasingly-diverse world requires us to reflect on the way we engage with each other and on the way that social systems are structured to either advance or suppress us. Your learning bids in this training are:

  • Gaining new perspectives on social situations you encounter
  • Becoming aware of power dynamic in interpersonal relationships and communication
  • Reflecting on your conflict resolution skills and behavioural patterns in oppressive situations• Identifying both systemic and behavioural oppression
  • Working with body language as an important part of effective communication
  • Developing an agency to act upon your conviction
  • Working toward equity and a more harmonious workplace environment


This training is designed as a 5-hour module, which can be broken down to 2 segments depending on your needs. Please CONNECT to discuss details. Thank you.


Communication Training

Body Language and Power Dynamics in the Workplace

Experts on human communication estimate that about 60-65% of social meaning is carried out by wordless signals contained in body language – posture, movement, gestures.

This training provides a learning platform to expand communication skills, and focuses on heightening awareness and refining observation skills. It provides analytical tools to interpret body language and power dynamics, and to integrate the gained insights and skills in your workplace.

In the training, you share and work with your own stories, experiences, and observations of a variety of communication situations that originate in your work, making the training 100% relevant to your lived experience and your needs.


  • Increased self-awareness of the communication style you employ at your work
  • Improved ability to recognise power dynamics in communication
  • Gained confidence to work with and through power dynamics
  • Expanded repertoire of communication strategies to employ

CONNECT with me to discuss details of possible application and your learning needs.

Professional Development for Educators

Please view the PDF brochure for more information:



Wellness – Healing Power of Stories

Non-verbal, interactive, dynamic, and theatre-based techniques in a supportive group setting. Reflect on your practice, your vision, and your interactions with your community. Share and listen to stories about blocks and successes in your work, and tap into the understanding of what needs to shift in order to transform your practice.

We use body-based techniques from Image Theatre, and weave non-verbal communication with healing elements of story-circles into a transformative mix.

CONNECT to discuss details of customizing the workshop to your needs.


Drama in Education

Growing Compassionate Critical Thinkers

Learning situations and units for elementary or high school students utilizing Process Drama: role-playing and story-making strategies to foster critical thinking and creativity.

CONNECT to discuss details of customizing the workshop to your students’ needs.


Unique aspects of the training


Your Story Matters workshops engage you in self-reflection and critical inquiry. The setting requires a level of honesty and personal dedication to create meaningful dialogue and possibility for learning insights. Yes, we are having fun, but we also ask important and, at times, tough questions. I will guide you through the process so that you feel safe and heard.


Your participation and personal contribution is essential for the training to be effective as it is based on participant stories. Yet, no one is ever forced to share what they do not comfortably feel like sharing. The power of theatre is such that even those who “only” observe and listen to the stories gain the same benefits as those who “act” and share their stories. This way, I provide a safe space for those of you who might be introverted or are not ready to work on your personal narrative just yet.


No theatre experience necessary. All strategies at Your Story Matters, such as role playing or interpreting situations and stories, are innate skills available to all human beings.


Sharing human experiences generates emotional responses – people laugh as well as cry. All are welcome and supported!



WorkshopLengthRate for OrganizationsRate for Individuals
Shift in Understandinghalf day 3 - 4 hours$650 - $850$100 – 150*
Foundation for Changefull day 6 – 8 hours$1050 - $1350$200 – 250*
Journey of Transformationmultiday$1100/day$200/day*
*Payment packages available

WorkshopShift in Understanding
Lengthhalf day 3 - 4 hours
Rate for Organizations$650 - $850
Rate for Individuals$100 – 150*
WorkshopFoundation for Change
Lengthfull day 6 – 8 hours
Rate for Organizations$1050 - $1350
Rate for Individuals$200 – 250*
WorkshopJourney of Transformation
Rate for Organizations$1100/day
Rate for Individuals$200/day*
*Payment packages available


Please get in touch to discuss the pricing scales and payment packages, possible financial constraints, or a need that isn’t addressed by one of the workshops.

I look forward to working with you!


Your Story Matters workshops are carefully designed to offer a variety of in-depth exploration for you.


Individual Facilitators and Activists

In my workshops for you as individual facilitators and activists, the format is a container for your stories and your questions. Thus the content will be 100% relevant to your quest. Please feel free to contact me for details.

Groups and Organizations

In my workshops for groups or organizations, I focus the learning objectives and results according to your group’s professional development needs. If you are ready to empower your change-makers, contact me to discuss your customized workshop design.