Your Story Matters

Creating transformative learning experience for you based on your story.
Helping you align your vision with your practice.


Do you wonder how to best serve the paradigm shift you envision?

You’re in the right place. Your Story Matters is a training in radical communication strategies for individuals and organizations to advance positive change.


My name is Pavla Uppal, founder and learning consultant @ Your Story Matters.

  • I create a learning environment for your active participation in a  dialogue that leads to a shift in understanding and to transformation.
  • I cultivate effective holistic strategies based on your experience to help enrich your perception, challenge your biases, and ultimately – bring about social change.
  • I believe that in order to create change, we have to see the situations (stories) around us as malleable, and we need to see ourselves as active agents of change.

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I look forward to helping you critically reflect on your path and practice change-making skills so that you can find your own voice, your unique story, and become a thriving agent of change.


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— Jane Smith, Notable Person, Toronto