offers tools for transformation.

How is this done?
Your Story Matters is based on the fundamentals of dramatic play: inter-action, collaboration, community, an interdisciplinary approach, storytelling, lateral power dynamics, hands-on learning by doing, shift in understanding, and rehearsing for real life!


CHANGEMAKING SKILLS: Over the years of my practice, together with people and organizations that experienced my work, I identified vital changemaking skills that are brought into your consciousness in the training and that require your continuous cultivation in order to complete the transformation.

  • Creativity – resourcefulness and an openness to perspectives and possibilities,
  • Awareness and critical self-reflection,
  • Clarity and purpose,
  • Empathy – the ability to attune to others, self, and group dynamics,
  • Holistic communication in a new paradigm – with heart, mind, and body in balance,
  • Authenticity, courage and trust.

This is a tall order. Let’s get to work so that you will confidently embody the change you want to see in the world.


Your Transformation will be reflected in your statements:


My vision is aligned with my practice.
I experience clarity and a sense of purpose.
I am transforming my communication and behaviour and am creating a lasting change.
I have the courage to act upon my convictions.
I see results of the positive change in my community.




“Our community mediators’ training on body language and power dynamics was well designed and well received. It was well worth the time invested. Thanks to Pavla Uppal for an excellent workshop!”

Lyn Adamson, Past Coordinator, St. Stephen’s Workplace and Organizational Training, Toronto (2017)

“It was interesting to observe how difficult it was for people to talk about their feelings. Some of the people did not even have the language to describe them. Yet emotions are so much what we are. The emotional intelligence is crucial for success”

Katalina, Teacher at Blue Bricks, Kuala Lumpur (2015)

“I think Pavla’s capacity to listen was the trick — she modeled to us how it is done and I saw my group re-gaining confidence in their ability to interact positively. We experience negativity around collaboration and listening here. But this is what we need to work on … “

Augustine, Manager at Burning Bush, Kuala Lumpur (2015)

“Groups were organically formed; they shared stories and one story was chosen to be played in a frozen mode. Other participants were invited to change the position of the “actors” or add material to the plot. That was very new to me and found profoundly transformational.

Pavla is very much flexible adapting her core work to different themes. She is also very professional with deep intuitive skills in approaching people. She shares her knowledge in a very practical and natural way. We leave her workshop wishing to have more. She has an adorable and natural presence.”


Susana Ochi, InterChange4Peace, Toronto (2016)


Is Your Story Matters a fit for you?

If you are pondering some of the statements below, Your Story Matters training is for you:

  • I miss engaging with people in personable and interactive way.
  • It seems I reached a limit of what my creativity can do working in isolation.
  • I feel disconnected in my work from my vision and creative purpose.
  • Storytelling invigorates me and I think it is one of the best community building tools.
  • I want to incorporate my whole person to my work – body, mind, and soul.

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