Your Story Matters

Radical communication training based on your story.
Transform your experience – align your vision with your practice.


Are you a facilitator, educator, community builder, peacemaker, community-based artist, and passionate about social justice?

Do you wonder how to best serve the paradigm shift you envision?

You’re in the right place.


My name is Pavla Uppal, and I’m here to help you align your actions with your vision. I created Your Story Matters training to help you answer some of the questions that might keep you up at night:

  • How do I move from merely expressing an opinion to creating a platform for dialogue?
  • How do I guide my group into meaningful conversations and exploration?
  • How do I provide an environment for an exchange that leads to a shift in understanding and to transformation?
  • How do I help people in my group change their perception, their behaviour, and ultimately – bring about social change?
  • How do I walk the talk?

In my work, I have met many people like you who are passionately working toward positive change but feel they are not 100% effective.

Most of us grew up in the “old system”, best characterized by a hierarchical and oppressive social order, which we are now working hard on changing. Before we can effect change in the world however, we have to free ourselves from the old system by acknowledging and then peeling away layers of old habits, preconceived ideas, and biases.


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I look forward to helping you critically reflect on your path and practice change-making skills so that you can find your own voice, your unique story, and become a thriving agent of change.


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— Jane Smith, Notable Person, Toronto